Optimum Fuel Services Savings Discounts

"Keep more of your money in your wallet"

"We Think Differently Than Our Competitors"

You are likely looking for ways to cut costs on your heating bill. But most heating oil companies don't offer options where you clearly see that you are saving anything. In general they offer you...

The above require at least 1yr contracts locking you in to a decision you may later regret because you find you are paying out more money, but now you are stuck!

But at Optimum Fuel Services we think differently than our competitors'. We have options where you clearly know what you saved and you get the immediate benefit of it. All without contracts!

Check out what we do to help you cut your heating costs and "keep more of your money in your wallet."

"You Benefit From Immediate Savings"

Here are 3 ways you can receive immediate savings...

  1. Our prices are generally lower than our competitors.
  2. You can order a minimum of 25 gallons when needed.
  3. Take advantage of our money saving coupons when available.

*Some limitations apply. Coupons and discount offers cannot be stacked, only one offer per delivery. Coupons must be on services or products we offer. And we have the right to decide which coupon offers we will honor.

We also offer the following discounts...

  • Senior Citizens discounts for age 55 and older of 2 cents off per gallon.
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Group Discounts

Also... we are an approved vendor for the Peninsula area for Virginia's Energy Assistance program. Find out how this program can help you with your heating costs and the specific cities we service.

As you can see we offer more immediate ways to cut your heating costs. You know exactly what you saved. And no contracts need.

By using our fuel delivery services for your home heating oil needs you will have more control over your costs and the delivery process.

"We also are flexible with our delivery offering same day service... often allowing you to schedule the time of day you want it. If you see us in your  neighborhood... call and get on the spot service!"

How can you contact us?

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