Finding Heating Oil Assistance In Hampton Roads Virginia

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You can apply for heating oil assistance programs in Virginia on the local and state level.  Also you can apply for assistance on a national level to get help to lower your fuel costs for the season.

Many of these programs are available only to those who meet certain income requirements. Optimum Fuel Services Inc. is on the vendors list to be a provider of home heating oil and Kerosene for heating fuel for:

  • Fuel Assistance Program for Virginia 
  • Citizens Energy

If you are one of our customers or would like to become one....

  • Let the agency you apply with know that you want to use Optimum Fuel Services Inc. as your provider.
  • We are approved to deliver to the following cities in Virginia: Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson and Williamsburg and parts of James City County.

Social Services Fuel Assistance In Virginia

Fuel Assistance- You can apply for Fuel assistance at your local Department of Social Service Agency. They usually start taking applications according to their website the 2nd Tuesday of October to the 2nd Friday of November of each year. Some points to remember:

  • It is best to get your application in as early as possible to make sure you will be accepted in the program. Once the limit of applications or period of time to submit an application is up you cannot get heating oil assistance.
  • Usually Social Services approve you for a specific dollar amount that they will pay for. So it is very important that you get a good price on your fuel oil so that you can get more gallons for the money.

Crisis Energy Assistance

This is for emergency situations only, such as a person who is out of fuel and needs help paying for it.  Social Services can help, if you meet their criteria. They can also help to repair or replace furnaces for those meeting certain guidelines. For specifics on this program you would need to contact your local Social Services Department for further information.

For both the fuel assistance and crisis assistance programs you must qualify by being under a certain income level. You can go to Virginia’s state website to learn more information about the fuel assistance program.

Remember Optimum Fuel Services is an approved Supplier for the Department of Social Services fuel assistance program for Hampton Roads Virginia, serving the Cities outlined above. So make sure when you fill out the application to list us as your fuel supplier for heating oil assistance.

energy assistance programs keep you warm

"Energy Assistance Programs Help Keep You Warm"

Charitable Organizations

There are other avenues you can seek if you need help with your fuel costs. Some charitable organizations and religious organizations have programs in place to help people in your local community. They will help if you are in an emergency situation and are without heat and don’t have the funds because of your income or circumstances to purchase fuel. You will have to ask around your area to see who may be able to help you.

How can you best benefit from Heating Oil Assistance Programs

  • Finding out what fuel assistance programs are available is key. And because the application process is time sensitive.
  • Preparing ahead by knowing the start dates for the application processes are necessary in order to take advantage of this benefit.
  • It is imperative that you apply for programs as soon as they put out the call for applications and meet the income qualifications.
  • For some energy assistance programs you will get more for the money by ordering your fuel oil at the lowest possible cost. That's where Optimum Fuel Services can help out!

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