Buy Your Off Road Diesel Fuel From Optimum Fuel Services

  • Are you a contractor looking for off road diesel fuel for your construction equipment or generator?
  • Are you bidding on a short term job and need a fuel company that can work with the low minimum purchases you might need to make?
  • Do you want an off road diesel supplier who can be flexible with their delivery schedule?

Then, you are in the right place! We specialize in working with contractors who use lower gallon requirements than the larger oil company minimums allow.

Are We A Fit For Your Circumstances?

We are a fit for you if you have small jobs or bids where your fuel requirement will be less than big oil company minimums. If you need a company that is...

  • Willing to adjust their schedule to work with your scheduling needs
  • Offer fast flexible and dependable service
  • Will make the delivery process easy from beginning to end
  • No complicated contracts
  • Competitive pricing 

Then, we are the company for you!

Because we are a small independent fuel oil delivery company, we are able to offer you this type of flexibility. We get diesel fuel out to you when you need it!

We Provide Off Road Diesel For Your Equipment

We deliver off road diesel fuel to your business or construction site. We will fill your 275 or 550 gallon "on site" fuel tanks.

Wet Fuel Equipment: We will fuel individual pieces of equipment. There are no fueling fees associated with this service if the pieces are parked close enough to each other that the fuel truck doesn't have to move between each piece of equipment.

Generators: Order your fuel from us and keep it filled. In an emergency situation, we deliver fast!

"We are flexible when it comes to price and the delivery process"

Optimum Fuel Services Is A DBE Certified Vendor In Virginia

If you are bidding on state and federal government projects from the U.S. Department of Transportation or other federal sectors, we are DBE certified for the state of Virginia. We can provide off-road diesel fuel for your projects on the Peninsula and Greater Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Using our fuel delivery services could make fulfilling the DBE requirement for some contracts easier for you to meet.

Optimum Fuel Services Is SWAM Certified For Virginia

We are a SWAM certified vendor for the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are looking for fuel for your procurement requirements feel free to give us a call. We can help...

  • State Agencies with procurement opportunities
  • Contractors bidding on state contracts needing a subcontractor for fuel

So, call us for your heating oil and off road diesel fuel needs.

What are our terms and conditions? Check out our frequently asked questions page.

Ready To Do Business?

So you see, we are a no fuss, no hassle, keep it simple company. Doing this helps us keep our off road diesel fuel prices as low as possible.

If you think we are a good match for your company, let's get down to business! Begin by filling out the form below! If you have any questions call  757-325-2373 and ask for Larry!

Commercial Customer Order Request Form

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