Save On Fuel Costs Using Our Home Heating Oil Discounts

Save on heating oil costs"Heating your home doesn't have to empty your wallet!"

Are you looking for the best home heating oil discounts? Heating your home has just become cheaper! Take a look at what we have to offer...

Discounted Heating Oil for Seniors

We are happy to say that we have lowered the age for senior discounts to give more an opportunity to save!

If you are 55 years old and above, we offer a senior citizens discount of 2 cents off per gallon on any size order.

Low Minimum Orders Starting At 25 Gallons

Most companies require a 100 gallon minimum order. Our minimum order is 25 gallons. We realize that sometimes budgets don’t allow for you to purchase 100 or more gallons of oil. Therefore, we have lower minimums, so that heating your home doesn’t have to empty your wallet.

Name Your Price

We allow you to call and order oil according to a specific dollar amount.

  • For example... you may want only $200 worth of oil.
  • This allows you control to pick a price that fits into your budget. 
  • The amount you want to pay cannot be under the cost of the 25 gallons price point.

But we want you to be aware that the best price for fuel oil starts at the 100 gallon level. You are paying more per gallon for orders that are under this amount because delivery charges are factored in.

Quantity Discounts

Look below at how you can get cheaper fuel oil prices by ordering higher quantities...

  • Purchase 150 gallons save 2 cents per gallon off of the 100 gallon price per gallon.
  • Purchase 250 gallons save 3 cents per gallon off of the 100 gallon price per gallon. 

Group Home Heating Oil Discounts

On the web you see a lot of websites offering savings through group buys. This is where a group of homeowners who heat with oil join together and purchase a large amount of heating oil to be delivered at a lower price.

Combining the resources of many to buy fuel can be a tremendous savings to your budget!

"Get with your neighbors and save money by doing a group buy!"

  • Can you take advantage of group buys in our area? You can do this on a small scale with our company. We have some who are neighbors that order home heating oil to be delivered at the same time so that they qualify for a quantity discount.
  • You have to have a combined total of at least 300 gallons, with the minimum order being 100 gallons or more for any participating in the group buy.

Why not get together with a few of your neighbors to see if this will work for you. This way all involved can save.

We want to offer the cheapest heating oil prices on the Peninsula!

Typically... we are lower than our competitors when it comes to oil prices. But since oil prices rise and fall on a daily bases, this means we have to take our prices up or down accordingly.

If by chance when you compare our price and we are not the lowest... let us know!

Being a family owned small business, we know our success depends on us giving good service to you! We want the opportunity to give you optimum service!

When you need heating oil, kerosene or diesel fuel... why not give us a call 757-325-2373 at Optimum Fuel Services today!

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