Optimum Fuel Services Oil Delivery Services

When you need heating oil, kerosene, or diesel fuel delivered, make sure to give us a call. We guarantee same day service and a best price guarantee. We also have fuel delivery options that keep you in control of your budget and time.

Our delivery process goes like this:

  • Call before noon Monday through Saturday to receive same day service.
  • You will be given an approximate time for delivery.
  • If you request, a call will be made to you when driver is on their way.

"When having more control over your delivery service matters to you... call us at 757-325-2373."

Will Call Delivery

You call us when you want a fuel delivered. While most companies make your fit into their schedule, our policy is to give you guaranteed same day service if you place your order by 12:00 noon. This is a C.O.D. service.

Automatic Fill Fuel Delivery

With automatic fill service, we make sure you will not run out of oil. We monitor your tank based on “degree days” to determine when you are getting low on oil and need a fill up. Just ask for this service and we will take care of you!

Here is how it works: You fill out our simple application. It can be mailed to you or brought by your home. Don’t worry, staying true to “keeping it simple” you will not be asked to sign an agreement locking you in to a long term agreement. This is an open ended agreement, meaning, you can decide to opt out at anytime with no penalties.

Julian Day Deliveries

This is a type of automatic delivery where you pick the calendar day you want to have deliveries made.

For instance... you may decide that every 30 days, 60 days or every 2 weeks that you want us to automatically come out and fill your tank up.

To save on your fuel costs... pick an increment of time where you think your tank will hold 100 gallons or more for the best price. If you hold less than 100 gallons the price per gallon is more.

Our hope is that you will take advantage of our oil delivery options and allow us to give you the service you deserve! Call us today, by phone at 757-325-2373 or place your order on this website.

"There are some practices that some heating oil companies do that that concern oilheat customers when it comes to delivery. Find out what those concerns are and whether we do these things."

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