Compare Our Fuel Oil Delivery Service

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you make an informed decision about using our oil delivery service.   

How does your fuel oil delivery service compare with other heating oil companies?

"A benefit of using a small company is that... we can cater to our customers!  You will enjoy having control over your delivery process. Our delivery service is fast and flexible because you can...

  • Call before noon... you are guaranteed to receive same day service
  • Call after noon... receive delivery that day if we are going to be in your neighborhood 
  • See our truck in your neighborhood... call and we will deliver on the fly

Realizing that your time is valuable... we can give you an approximate time of arrival for your delivery. If you would like, you can be given a call when someone is on the way to deliver.

Do you come out and fill the tank and bill us later when on automatic fill Service?

Since we are a COD delivery service, we do things a little differently.

  • Some customers want us to come out and fill the tank automatically, leaving a credit card on file.
  • Others want us to let them know first before we come out so they can set aside payment.

You let us know which way works for you. We monitor your tank so that you don’t have to.

I have heard of fuel dealers coming out in the middle of the summer making a fuel oil delivery to those on Automatic Fill Plans and then billing the customer. Will I have to worry about that?

"No you won’t. It’s not our practice to show up and fill your tank and then send you a bill. Again we will always call you first before we come out if you have requested it. We understand that most customers want to hold onto their money during the summer and not have to pay for an untimely fuel oil delivery."

"But here is something you should keep in mind about getting fuel oil in the summer. Usually summer fuel prices are the cheapest because they drop dramatically. That can be a good time to fill up your tank. If this sounds like something you want to do. We can put you on our “Price Watch” email list. That way you can decide when the best time would be for you to place a call to us during the summer."

Some oil companies will charge you a service fee if they come out and you don’t hold 100 gallons or more of fuel when on Automatic Fill. Do you have a service charge?

"No, we don’t, let me tell you why. You are not under contract to stay with us any length of time. You can decide to stop your Automatic Fill service at any time. With other companies you are under contract to order just from them for a specific period."

"To discourage you from ordering from another company they place fees in their contracts. Plus for larger companies it costs them more money to come out and deliver less than 100 gallon orders, so they need to be  compensated the for this. But we don’t charge extra fees. We routinely deliver 25, 50, or even 75 gallons to customers who prefer lower amounts. 

"We believe in an honor system. We trust that you will be happy with our service and prices and won't want to order from another dealer. If for any reason you want to get off automatic fill... just tell us and we will take you off. It’s just that simple."

Do you have a budget plan?

"No we don't have a budget plan at this time. We are about giving you the best possible price for fuel oil. There are extra costs that go along with offering budget plans that oil companies pass on to their customers.  Since we don't wish to do this... we aren't offering this service at this time.

If you want to know more about heating oil budget plans, read this article.

Hopefully we have answered most of your questions. If not... please feel free to call us at 757-325-2373 or submit your questions to us on our contact form.

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