For the quickest response, the day before and the day of a snow event it is best to place your order online, since voicemail will be back logged with too many messages.

Snow Policy For Optimum Fuel Services

We make every effort to keep our customers warm especially when it snows.  We hate to say NO... but sometimes we have to. When a snow storm happens there are a FLOOD of calls for orders that come in. Why? Because...

  • Some are afraid they will run out.
  • Some run out of oil.
  • Some who are not our customers call because they can't get their oil company to come out to deliver.

In order to safely deliver to as many as possible, it was necessary to make a snow policy for delivering heating oil for snowy weather days.

Note: The order before 12 noon and receive same day delivery policy will not apply during a snow storm event.

Plan Ahead

If you are an automatic delivery customer you already have scheduled deliveries and will be taken care of so that you will not run out.

When a snow storm is predicted:

Will Call Customers:  We would appreciate it if you could check your tank at least 4 days before the day snow is to arrive.

If you feel you are low and might run out that week... call your order in no less than 3 days prior to the arrival of snow. This way you are guaranteed that you will be delivered before the winter storm arrives.

Predictions of light snow have been known to turn into major snow storms. So prepare ahead regardless of what the forecast predicts the snowfall to be.

Snow Policy- Delivery Process Day Of Snow

The Best Way to Get an Order Through 

 Fill out the online order form because this is the quickest way since phone calls may be missed and voicemails get backed up.

We DO deliver when it snows as long as safe driving conditions permit. Our normal policy of same day delivery service NO LONGER APPLY during this time.

  • On the day of the storm, first priority will be given to those who placed themselves on our list BEFORE the snow storm day. Those on the list will be organized according to areas.
  • If you call the day of the storm, you will be added to the list, and worked in when we do a certain area either that day or when road conditions are better.
  • We cannot continue to drive after it gets dark and/or road conditions get dangerous.

After Snow Storm - Delivery

Once the main and secondary road conditions are safe to drive, we will begin deliveries.

  • First priority will be given to those who we couldn't get to during the storm and those who run out.
  • Those not out of oil calling in for delivery will be worked in the days immediately following the storm. 

Sometimes it may be 2 or 3 days after a storm passes before any oil can be delivered because of ice on the roads. If you have run out, call us to ask what you could be done to get through a few days until you can be delivered.

Some neighborhoods or properties may be hazardous to risk the driver and truck delivering to them. If you think your property may fall in this category, please call to get a delivery well ahead of the storm. We will not risk the driver or the truck on dangerous roads.

We can't emphasize enough the importance of planning ahead so you and your family will not have to experience several days without adequate heat.

Thanks for checking out our snow policy and for your cooperation.

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