Quick and Courteous Heating Oil Delivery Newport News Optimum Fuel Services Review

by Ericka
(Newport News)

December 18, 2013

I called to find out if oil was available under 100 gallons. With no hesitation the answer was YES. I was relieved because I ran out of heat and no one else would give me a straight answer but to deliver 100 gallons or more. Even though I have never gotten service from this company he was able to deliver to my home without anyone being there and take my payment over the phone. The gentleman not once got annoyed with me for splitting the payment or putting him on hold briefly.

Thanks Optimum

Hi Ericka,

Let me first start by welcoming you as a new customer. My customers satisfaction is my number one priority. I also want to thank you for this review.

While it is not normally my policy to comment on reviews, I wanted you to know that I appreciate the fact that you as a "new customer" right away took the opportunity to review my services. Having feedback like this helps me know I am meeting my goal in giving customers a good experience right from their initial order.

Also, as you continue using my heating oil delivery services, you will come to know that you will get quick and courteous service from Optimum Fuel Services every delivery.

Looking forward to giving you continued service!


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