Heating Oil Additive Promotes Fuel Efficiency

When should I use a heating oil additive? The answer… before a problem arises and definitely when you see the first signs of a problem.

If you use oil heat then you are most likely familiar with problems such as water and/or sludge build up in the bottom of your oil tank. The problem then extends from your tank to your furnace producing clogged nozzles.

Sludge also causes dirty filters and strainers which cause more soot that produce more smoke. This all makes the furnace less fuel efficient. With years of neglect, these conditions will shorten the life of parts for the furnace and ultimately the furnace itself.

You need a product that does these 4 things:

  1. Disperses water so that any amount that collects in the oil tank, will be changed into a substance that is combustible.
  2. Gets rid of sludge by dissolving sludge into a substance that will not clog nozzles and filters.
  3. Eliminates sludge so that fuel oil reaching the nozzle is clean reducing soot output and smoke.
  4. Prevents waxing and gelling that can occur in very cold weather. These conditions clog the fuel lines and fuel filters so that fuel oil from the tank can’t get through.

Having problems with frozen heating oil tank line? Try Hot 4 in 1 it helps prevent that. Customers who use this don't have a problem with freezing lines. Has also been used to free up a frozen line.

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Hot 4 in 1 Is The Best

From time to time you should treat your oil tank with a heating oil additive. There are many on the market but the one we like is called “Hot 4 in 1” heating oil additive.

It’s a very popular product because it eliminates water and sludge build up which causes clogged nozzles, filters and strainers, and makes furnace burn fuel more efficiently. One 16 ounce bottle treats up to a 275 gallon tank.

If you want a bottle Hot 4 in 1 Heating Oil Additive you can let us know when you place your next order and we will bring one for you. Call us at 757-325-2373.

Or purchase Hot 4 in 1 Heating Oil Additive online click the link below and purchase from our affiliate partner website. Read the amazing reviews about this product.  It's a top rated product!

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