Please Note Delivery Changes Due to Coronavirus

Now delivering only 2 days a week-- Tuesdays and Fridays

for residential customers

Temporary Changes For Heating Oil Deliveries for Residential Customers

Due to the Coronavirus we feel it is necessary to make some changes in an effort to protect you and the driver from contacting and spreading the virus. This is especially a concern of ours since we serve a number of senior customers. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

To reduce "at the door transactions" the changes are as follows:

  • We prefer the use of credit or debit cards for payment. This will protect you as well as the driver by reducing the amount of personal contact. This way the driver will just deliver and avoid face to face contact. The receipt can be left in the door or some other place you designate.
  • If you submit your order online, please call in your card number by phone for security purposes since we have not set up online card payments.
  • If this payment plan won't work for you... please call us for further instructions

Top Off Your Tank Now!

While the number of coronavirus cases in our area are still low... we encourage you to order NOW to top off your tank as we near the end of the heating season. Government agencies could place restrictions in place that could limit your access to delivery services as time goes along.

One good thing is that oil prices are down right now... saving you money!

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 757-325-2373.

These changes will continue until the virus is at a level where government agencies no longer consider it a threat.

Please be safe and thanks for your cooperation!