Lawn Service Options Provided By Optimum Fuel Services

It’s that time of the year again to consider hiring someone to service your lawn. There are so many lawn service companies to choose from. How do you decide?  Pick the one that closely meet your needs.

If you are a new home owner or a renter, you may be considering using a lawn care service to free up your time to enjoy doing other things with family and friends this summer.  Choosing a lawn care company to do basic lawn mowing services is a good plan to start with.

If you already work with a company to do your lawn maintenance, you may want to consider changing if you are not completely satisfied. Why continue to give up your hard earned money to pay for sub standard service?

3 Top Reasons People Change Lawn Service Companies

There are many reasons people change lawn care services but these are at the top of the list.

  1. Not being dependable
  2. The quality of the work decreased
  3. The price is no longer affordable

If this is the case with you… it’s time to look at choosing another lawn care company.

What Can You Expect From Our Lawn Service

Optimum Fuel Services is known for it's "fast friendly service and fair prices" in the fuel delivery industry. So you can expect that our lawn care services will continue to meet those same high standards we set for customer service.

We are dependable.

When we schedule your services, we will be there when we say we will. You can choose whether you want us to come out weekly, bi-weekly or you call when needed.  The best choice is to go on our weekly or bi-weekly pre-schedule plan because you don’t have to worry about needing to call and set up an appointment.

Work Quality Always To Your Satisfaction.

You will be impressed with the quality of our work. Here is what to expect on a weekly bases from our lawn mowing services...

  • We pick up the yard before we start mowing your grass
  • We edge up all paved areas, fences, perimeter of home and flower beds
  • Blow grass clippings from paved areas

Our lawn mowers have bags to catch the grass so there are no yard clippings to remove, leaving a pleasing appearance to your yard.

Because no one is perfect... if you see something you think we missed or need to give special attention to... please let us know. We will be happy to take care of the matter.

"We strive to give good customer service which sometimes mean  being able to take suggestions or corrections from our customers, which we welcome."

Other Occasions You May Need Lawn Maintenance

Entertaining or Planned Events

What if you are having out of town guest come in to town or are planning a cookout in between scheduled lawn services... Don't worry. Let us know as soon as possible and we will come out and take care of you to make sure your yard will be at its best to impress you guests.


In this area we have a lot of storms and some years hurricanes. When this happens you will see debris from tree limbs and leaves all over your lawn. Give us a call when you need clean up from these occurrences. We can't help you with trees that fall down, but we can cut up small limbs and small branches.  We will bag up debris put it at the curb.

So give Larry a call to get an estimate for your yard. 757-325-2373.

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